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Upgrades are coming to JTRAN

Find out how JTRAN is stepping up Jackson’s bus service in 2023, from better bus routes to a fresh rider experience.

This effort stems from ConnectJXN: Transit Plan—a plan to make JTRAN bus service work better for you. During ConnectJXN, we asked community members what JTRAN bus improvements to focus on. The upcoming changes reflect these priorities, and now we’re moving to action.

What will the new bus routes look like?

Click on the map to see a high-resolution PDF version


What do better bus routes mean for you?


Simpler service

  • No more complicated schedules: most buses come every hour at the same time

  • More buses on Saturdays

  • Straighter routes mean you get there faster


Get where you need to go

  • Direct routes to North Park Mall from downtown every half hour

  • Direct routes between Union Station, Medical Mall, UMMC, and VA

  • At least one grocery store on each route


Straightforward connections

  • More trips are possible without transferring

  • All routes connect at Union Station

  • Four routes connect at South Jackson Walmart

What does a fresh rider experience mean for you?



  • Color-coded routes

  • All routes and stops visible

  • Stops named by their streets when possible for easier reference



  • New website coming to

  • Intuitive design prioritizing the most important information



  • Easy-to-read schedules

  • Simplified route names and numbers


Mobile app

  • Track bus arrivals in real time

  • Step-by-step trip planning
    Updates and service alerts sent directly to your phone


Bus stops

  • New signs at every stop

  • Route and direction on each sign

  • Bus stop ID and QR code for real-time bus arrivals


Real-time info

  • Bus arrival times updated in real time

  • Available through the app or website

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