Frequently Asked Questions

Will my bus route change?

It is likely that changes to some JTRAN bus routes will be recommended by the Transit Plan Team in order to improve existing routes and services. These changes will be based on the study findings and input from JTRAN riders, community members, and stakeholders.

What is the ConnectJXN: Transit Plan?

ConnectJXN: Transit Plan is a study being conducted by the City of Jackson’s Transit Plan Team. The Transit Plan Team is seeking ways to improve the JTRAN public transit system by taking a comprehensive look at JTRAN’s fixed route bus and paratransit services. By determining how to increase ridership and improve customer satisfaction, we are 'Creating Better Connections.'

Why is the study needed?

The City of Jackson would like to improve its transit services to better serve its customers. Our community’s transportation needs have evolved in recent years due to changing development patterns and commuting habits, while new, on-demand services are quickly gaining popularity. JTRAN has recognized that it needs to change in order to meet current trends and embrace new technologies. The ConnectJXN: Transit Plan study will identify strategies to adapt to these changes and provide a roadmap to a new era of mobility in Jackson.

What are the goals of this study?

The ConnectJXN: Transit Plan Team will develop specific goals based on input from those who use public transit, community members, and stakeholders. These goals will identify plans for improving JTRAN in the years to come. Following are a few of the key focus areas of this study:

  • Promoting fair and equal access to opportunities by providing better connections to jobs, housing, services, and quality food access
  • Designing a bus network that responds to changing needs and new mobility technologies
  • Improving customer satisfaction and increasing ridership
  • Promoting economic development through better connections to major employers, universities, and tourist attractions
  • Strengthening partnerships with public and private organizations to create better travel options
  • Identifying strategies to enhance operational efficiency and financial sustainability
  • Identifying long-term funding strategies

What other bus service changes can I expect?

Potential changes that will be considered as part of this study include:

  • Bus route realignments
  • Bus route frequencies (e.g. how often the bus comes)
  • How early or late service operates
  • What days service operates
  • Connections and transfer points
  • New service types, such as on-demand services

What is the timeline for completing this study?

The study officially kicked off in Fall 2020 is expected to be completed by Fall 2021.

When can I expect to see changes to my bus route or paratransit service?

Modifications to fixed route bus and paratransit services will only occur after the study is completed and you have had the opportunity to review the proposed changes and provide input.

How can I get involved?

Over the next several months, the Transit Plan Team will provide many opportunities for you to provide input. Invitations to participate in outreach events, public meetings, and surveys will be posted periodically on this website and on the City’s social media accounts. You can sign up for our mailing list to receive regular updates. We also invite you to submit questions or comments on the website or through our project email address: We look forward to hearing from you.

Who is leading this study?

The ConnectJXN: Transit Plan is being led by the City of Jackson’s Department of Planning and Development, Office of Transportation. The Office of Transportation manages the City’s JTRAN bus and paratransit services. To deliver this study, the City is supported by a consultant team led by Connetics Transportation Group along with subconsultants Neel-Schaffer, Par Excelon Marketing and Advertising Group, Beyond Communication, Via Strategies, and UTA.

How is the ConnectJXN Transit Plan different from the ConnectJXN Comprehensive Plan?

The ConnectJXN: Transit Plan is the transit and shared mobility counterpart to the City of Jackson’s comprehensive plan update process. While the comprehensive plan will primarily focus on long-range land use and development policies, the ConnectJXN: Transit Plan will focus specifically on strategies to improve JTRAN’s fixed route bus and paratransit services. As land use decision making directly impacts the usefulness and effectiveness of public transportation, these two initiatives will be closely coordinated to ensure a cohesive vision for Jackson’s future.

How does the study affect me?

Information the Transit Plan Team learns from you will help us better meet your transit needs now and for years to come. To make sure we get it right, we want to hear your ideas for improving JTRAN.

Please reach out to us if your questions remain unanswered.